The Biggest Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid


The Biggest Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

One of the biggest questions I get asked from patients is “how do I get skin that looks like
yours?” My response is “a solid skin care regimen and some work.” While there is truth to this, a
solid skin care regime doesn’t have to be exhausting or expensive. There are key things that
patients should focus on to get the healthy glow they are looking for.

Stop being lazy about cleansing: Many of my patients often admit to not washing their face.
Committing to washing your face twice a day provides the basis and foundation of a good skin
care regimen. Washing means more than rinsing your face in the morning as you are running
out the door. Commit to using a gentle cleanser, morning AND night. And ladies make sure to
get that make-up off at night. I like to use La-Roche Posay’s toner to remove my eye makeup
and then followed by Jan Marini’s C-ESTA cleanser to rinse away my daily grime.

Stop using so many products: Dedication to one or two products with proven efficacy is much
better than trying to use everything. Using too many products can often lead to irritation. I see a
lot of patients that come in sometimes using two of the same products. Keep it simple. A good
morning antioxidant, along with a sunscreen and a retinoid at night is a great place to start. I like
to use Jan Marini’s vitamin C serum, La Roche Posay’s double repair moisturizer with SPF or
Avene hydrating sunscreen lotion, and the Avene Retrinal at night.

Stop picking: Throw away your magnifying mirrors. Magnifying mirrors often make things look
bigger than they truly are and can distort the way your face actually looks. Picking is a sure way
of making a minor problem into a much bigger one. Picking often prolongs healing time and
increases the risk of scarring. Picking can lead to avoidable problems.

Stop exfoliating the wrong way: Patients often think they need to be rough or use abrasive
mechanisms to exfoliate to achieve healthy skin. I once had a patient tell me they used a Brillo
pad for exfoliation. OUCH! Exfoliation can be good for the skin, but its only one piece to the
puzzle. Chemical peels or facials can be helpful in aiding in exfoliation, but remember
moisturizing is key too. Keeping the skin barrier hydrated not only improves the way your skin
looks, but it also provides the skin the nutrients it needs. It also improves the way the skin cells
turn over. As your skin gets healthier you may find you need to exfoliate less often.

Most of all, remember you are beautiful and with a little care your skin can be too!

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