Patient-minded research driving optimal care.

We created Central Ohio Pathology Services (COPS) with our patients in mind.

Bringing our pathology services in house allows our physicians to consult with the pathologist in a more timely and meaningful manner, assuring continuity of care. While publishing papers is important, our patients remain the driving force that guides our research so that we can use new findings to make the best informed decisions and ultimately provide the greatest standard of care to our patients. 

Our CLIA certified expert pathology laboratory team is comprised of Board Certified Dermatopathologist, Dr. Jeannie Hennessy; Certified Histology Technician, Cody Theis, HT; and Histologist & international medical school graduate, Dennis Kravets.

There are numerous advantages of having an in-house laboratory.

Advantages of Our In-House Lab

Faster Turnaround

Faster results, decreasing time between diagnosis and treatment.

Integrated EMR

Electronic medical records allow instant access to patient’s medical profile.

Expert Diagnosis

Expert diagnosis by our experienced, board certified dermatopathologist.

Convenient Insurance

Our lab participates accepts the same insurance plans as our practice.

Control & Accuracy

Close control of tissue samples for the highest level of accuracy possible.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Technologically advanced, meticulously maintained laboratory equipment