Chemical Peels

Aesthetic & Spa Services

Vitalize Peel

Cost: $130 / treatment OR $350 / 3 treatments

A potent combination of salicylic acid and retinoic acid fights the effects of time, pigmentation, and damage from acne or sun.


Glycolic Acid Peel

Cost: $80 / treatment OR $216 / 3 treatments

Alpha hydroxy acid peeling solutions in varying strengths improve texture, fine lines, scarring and pigment abnormalities from photodamage, acne, or melasma.

Dermatologists use chemical peels to ‘peel’ away the aging process from the skin.  Chemical peels are also used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, age spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, melasma (excess pigmentation on the skin) and sun damage, resulting in rough skin or pre-cancerous spots. Chemical peels come in a variety of strengths. ‘Lunch time’ peels may be performed by our esthetician and involve no downtime, but may result in some mild redness and peeling over the following 1-5 days. Medium or high strength peels (performed by a dermatologist) may result in significant short-term redness and peeling, but ultimately will have more dramatic results than a lower strength peel.

On the day of your peel, your skin will be cleansed thoroughly and then prepped. Then the acid peel will be applied. The acid may be glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and or retinoic acid. This may result in some mild stinging or burning sensation. The peel is then neutralized and a sunscreen is applied. Post procedure skin care is explained thoroughly.  To get the best results, plan to do several peels if choosing the low or medium strength peels.  Your skin will have a nice glow after the procedure and soon after you will see the results. Healing time ranges from 1 to 5 days for a refreshing or lunchtime peel (mild peeling skin comparable to a mild sunburn) to 14 days or longer for a  high strength peel. To get the results you seek from a refreshing peel or lunchtime peel, you may need to have 3 to 5 peels.  It is very important to avoid the sun after a peel and to avoid picking at the skin. Side effects of the lower strength peels tend to be mild and may be skin discoloration or redness.